Refund Policy

At , you are buying or getting any service that is intangible. So, if you are not satisfied we can do the unlimited revision of work. But, there is no refund after payment. You agree while purchasing that you would not claim any refund in future.

You can contact at our support skype via email or skype to have your questions and queries resolved.


Cancellation & Return Policy

The product you are buying on are intangible so once after order they can't be returned or cancelled. These products or reports for the services will be delivered to you with in 90 days of purchase via email or best possible communication medium.


Shipping Policy

As you are getting, buying or purchasing a product or service that is intangible in nature so it does not require any sort of shipping or delivery to any physical address. It means you can't claim any sort of issue related to shipping. This is going to be delivered to you via your email.